Green Crossroads offers business development and project management support to businesses and non profit organizations involved in sustainable ventures in Africa, focusing on recycling and renewable energy production.​


Pioneering green growth in Africa balancing economic, social and environmental objectives

Mission statement


We aim to bring about green growth in Africa, leveraging entrepreneurship and innovative business models, combining Europe's and Africa's strengths, for shared profit, the people and the planet, in a spirit of partnership and win-win-win collaboration.

We help your sustainable project in emerging markets come to fruition.

About Green Crossroads

Turning challenges into opportunities


With a population of almost 1 billion, an abundance of natural resources and a young entrepreneurial population, Africa is one of the main growth markets of the 21st century.
Although it may not be the simplest place place to do business in, we like to focus on the opportunities and the huge potential that Africa holds, knowing that any challenge can be managed with the right mindset, know-how & experience and the right partners.


The transforming power of a motivated entrepreneur 


We have seen the earth moving potential of motivated, skilled and empowered individuals.

We are convinced that entrepreneurship is the engine that will continue to power Africa's growth. Therefore, we believe that the private sector has a pivotal role to play in Africa's future,
though in close collaboration with the public sector and civil society.


Sustainability & transparent business practices


We believe that successful future business ventures will be sustainable, or they won’t exist at all. Sustainability means responsible entrepreneurship, aiming for long term added value,
keeping the big picture in mind & creating innovative win-win-win's
with regard to economic, social and environmental objectives.


We believe that upholding the highest ethical standards is even more important
in complex and untransparent environments and always pays off in the long run. 

Therefore, we expect uncompromisable personal ethics from every individual we work with.

On the organizational level, this translates into professionalism, corporate governance,
transparency and open communication with all stakeholders.


These values are a prerequisite of every assignment we sign up for,
it is our a conditio sine qua non, it is par of our DNA.